HDMI Cable (1.5m)


HDMI gets your TV looking high-definition and sharp. Without this HDMI cable hooked up to your TV, you’ll get SD picture quality which is far uglier and less colorful. It’s also much less sharp than HD. HD is brighter, more colorful and sports a higher contrast look. You can find HD everywhere these days but you still need an HDMI cable for your new TV or you won’t get the benefits of that TV you bought!

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HDMI is critical to achieve picture quality you can be proud of. You are wasting your money if you bought an HDTV and are using standard composite or RGB cables from the cable company. Upgrading to HDMI is a great idea because it's simpler, easier to use, and provides an all digital connection that maximizes your picture quality experience across all devices!


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4K & 2K Capable

Stream in the highest resolution standards available in the market today.


HDMI is widely supported and a universal standard.


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